Saturday, 12 December 2015

How a Narcissist Mother Plays The Victim to Hide Her Abuse (Video)

Having had the dubious pleasure of being up close and personal with a family of narcissists I have seen first hand the insidious actions of a narcissistic mother who abused all of her children and especially the scapegoat then cried to all around her about how all she wanted was the best for him and that he kept pushing her away/acting out and she just didn't know why. 

The scapegoat would receive angry phone calls from family members and friends of the family while the mother would enjoy the lashings of sympathy she got for being such a great mother and having it thrown back in her face by her ungrateful unruly child. Her public mask was so good that no one would ever believe she my have done or said something dreadful to be pushed away in the first place and the scapegoat became ever increasingly isolated and rejected by those he knew and loved. 

If you suspect you may have a narcissistic mother or this situation sounds all too familiar watch this video and find out how a narcissistic mother plays the victim in order to further abuse the real victim

Stay strong

The Scapegoat

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