Saturday, 12 December 2015

How Your Narcissistic Mother Will Alienate You From Your Children (Video)

If you recognise that your mother is a narcissist but you think she wouldn't dare harm your children you need to think again. See it this way if she could harm her own children what makes you think she won't harm yours? What's worse is she could treat them so well it turns them against you forever , how could she do that you say and is there such a things as too well? 

Unfortunately yes and the kicker is trying to get anyone to understand why you had to remove your childs grandparents from their life is a tricky one to get people to understand without having to go deep into detail about the abuse you suffered and even then you may be faced with the response 
But you can't cut their grandparents out!

This makes you feel like you may as well be banging your head against a brick wall and especially if the narcissist's mask is that of a loving and caring person a warm and charming woman who loves nothing more than to dote on and spoil her grandchildren. This is especially hard for the scapegoat of the family since you more than likely already have a bad name amongst the family and friends of the family as a bad seed/black sheep/problem child and now you want to deny your child a loving grandparent but let me reassure you,

You are absolutely right to protect your child from abusers all abusers up to and including your family, yes its hard and yes you are likely to face a lot of criticism but take it from someone who knows a bit of grief off people who are too ignorant to even try to understand or those who are totally fooled by the mask of the narcissist is worth it to be safe in the knowledge 

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