Saturday, 12 December 2015

6 Main Ways a Narcissist Will Manipulate You (Video)

Narcissists are master manipulators , they are so good they can drive you crazy, ruin your life and destroy your relationships yet wear a public mask so good and virtuous that no matter when you try to explain to people around you what they have done you often end up looking like a bitter crazy person, the phrase well they always speak well of you will haunt your nightmares as well as, I am sure it wasn't done/said maliciously or and this is really crazy making ,they were just trying to help! they are just concerned  about you. Yes a narcissist will willingly destroy you enjoy your pain then watch as your friends family and employees turn away from you leaving you more lonely and depressed than ever before . Before you become a narcissists  next target or try to tell someone that mr or mrs x did not mean to do xy or z watch this video and learn the six master manipulations of narcissists .

As always stay strong, The Scapegoat

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