Thursday, 22 October 2015

Mind Silence :Remove Negative Blocks and Change Your Life (Guided Meditation)

When you decide you want to change your life for the better and move on from emotional or physical abuse it can be hard sometimes nigh on impossible to know where to even start. We all know the feeling of lying awake at night with our minds racing trying to figure out the answers to our problems This  hypnosis guided by the incredibly talented Paul Santisi with help put you in a mindset of total peace and silence where you can look deeper into yourself and get the answers you need in order to make a positive change in your life.

Tips for Guided Meditations

Get Cosy 
1 Lie down  flat on your back in a warm bed with the duvet over you and a good set of headphones for an immersive experience. Being cold will stop you being able to relax into the right mindset to get the full benefit. 

Do a Sound Check Before Getting Started

2 Get the sound right, before you start test the volume and get it just how you like it before lying down for the test, there is nothing worse than having to break concentration at the start trying to get the volume right.

3 Go To The Loo

Imagine this you get fully relaxed in a great headspace the  realise you need the loo, you think I will hang on and keep going but the need gets more and more insistent and you will the session to end which means you cannot fully relax into the experience trust me it's a nightmare. I heartily recommend not drinking too much before doing one and using the loo directly before hand, these meditations can be over an hour long.

I am a big fan of Paul Santisi and I love that he pouts out these amazing recordings for free in order to help people.  You can support him by visiting his Amazon store.

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