Saturday, 7 November 2015

Narcissists and Gaslighting (Video)

Gaslighting is a form of psychological abuse designed to make the victim feel as if they are going crazy, by telling their victims blatant lies and backing up those lies with righteous indignation and anger the victim begins to doubt their perception of events and eventually their self esteem and belief in their own mental faculties are eroded away. My mother was a great one for gaslighting one example was the night my dad stormed into my room when  I was four or five after I had had a night terror and beat me repeatedly over my duvet so no bruises would show thoroughly shaken I had nightmares about this event regularly for years after and still do to this day ,when I told my mother what happened she used this saccharine sweet creepy voice she always uses when gaslighting me and said,

 Your dad wouldn't do that, your dad loves you he would never hit you you are getting all muddled up in your head.

I did start to doubt myself and after years of being told I was muddled in the head, had a wild imagination and was paranoid I began to believe it. Now after therapy and a lot of  work done to trust my instincts I know mother was lying and I know dad absolutely did beat me he also dragged my sister out of the bed by her hair when she was pregnant and slapped her about my mother and sister have told my wife the same story but when I brought it up trying to expose my parents for what they were and what they had done to us my sister denied all knowledge of it and so did mother they reverted back to the script of me being paranoid and crazy.

Here is a video on gaslighting by spiritualist Patrick John Coleman you can visit his website at

Thank for reading please share this article and help fellow victims of narcissistic abuse and remember your not alone.

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