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Memories of a Scapegoat PT3 Being Taught a Lesson

This article is a follow on from my last post Memories of a Scapegoat Big Sisters Little Victim

My big sister had been put in charge of babysitting my other older sister who is so severely disabled she is has the capabilities of a eighteen month old child and myself. At the time I was four and she would have been fifteen. My sister decided or had been told to give us a bath together and for a while everything was ok apart from the fact my sister kept leaving us in the bathroom for long periods of time, I began splashing my other sister and laughing at the funny noises she made when the water hit her especially when it hit her face, I was not aware of the concept of drowning yet or that my sister was disabled and didn't have the same capabilities as other family members as I was only just coming out of babyhood myself at the time so when my sister fell over into the water and made bubbling noises I thought she was playing too so i kept splashing and laughing. 

My sister who was in charge of looking after us and keeping us safe had returned from another extended break and stood  watching it happen from the door. What happened next was one of the most traumatic things I remember from childhood , my sister walked over to the bath with an eerily cold angry expression on her face saying nothing at all and grabbing my by the neck with one hand and the hair with another  she dragged my out of the bath , it was agony and I had to grab her hand to try relieve the pain and pressure of the hair being pulled from the roots. Silently keeping a tight grip of my hair with one hand she turned on the cold tap and filled up the bathroom sink with cold water and when the water reached the top she slammed my face into the water, my face smashed into the bottom of the sink and my tooth went through lip , I exhaled all my air and started to panic I couldn't fight I couldn't even think about anything other than the desperation to get some air into my lungs and she was so much bigger and stronger than me she had me locked against the sink with her body I was going no where until she decided I had had enough. 

When she pulled me out I was sucking back air like crazy and she said to me how do you like it let my hair go picked up a towel and got my sister out of the bath. She never told my parents and it was years until I told them of course they didnt really give a hit and my sister pretended to me and my wife when challenged that she forgot all about it , as usual I was making it all up in my head until the last phone call I had with her and she magically remembered everything and her words to me were, I was teaching you a lesson.
 Lesson taught if the frequent nightmares I have about drowning are anything to go by and according to my sister I was a problem child who deserved it. 

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